Line 6 flextone iii software downloads

Control application available free from the line 6 software downloads site. Use midi with the free line 6 edit software from see the midi appendix for more midi details. The triad standback looks promising but im not sure if thats the way to go. Mark ewingthe new line 6 flextone iii is also worth a mention here, as it. It features 32 groundbreaking amp models built from the same amp technology found in our flagship vetta amplifier. The warranty on the flextone ii is twelve months from the date of purchase.

Line 6 flextone iii plus 1x12 stereo combo amp woodwind. This preset emulates my live rig which consists of prs ce24 with jbsh1 set to the mesa mark iv amps lead channel thru a mesa 4x12 with v30s miked with an royer 121. This is where you can jack in an external cabinet or two to be powered by your flextone iii amp. It has a 14 inch input and has a ton of parameters for effects and tone control of all types. It has the capability of bursting out 320 watts of sound. Create, record and perform with guitar in new ways. The flextone is versatile, especially with a cover band gig, but a tube amp is a tube amp. I found the line 6 edit software, choose windows 8, and i downloaded and installed it. Line 6 flextone iii plus 1x12 stereo combo amp guitar center. Line 6 and flextone iii you probably know line 6 as a technological innovator in the guitar worldfirst to put digital software modeling technology to work in guitar combo amps, pioneering direct recording technology in pod and other products, and capturing the soul of. Weve even added all new models based on a 1963 fender vibroverb, bogner extacy. I bought this flextone cheap, used, because it didnt work, so i got a good deal if replacing this amp fixes it.

Ep1 tube echoplex roland re101 space echo deluxe memory man digital delay ping pong delay sweep echo. Under california law, if you are a resident of california, you may make a written request to ygg about how we have shared your information with third parties for their direct marketing purposes. Skip to main content skip to footer site5115333123 site5115333123 used 115333123 line 6 flextone iii guitar combo amp site5115333123. When paired with most line 6 guitar amplifiers, the footswitches also give you total control of quick loop, the amps builtin 14second soundonsound looper. It has a digital screen that you can save sounds in addition to the vast array of parameters. Line 6 flextone iii schematics read 3472 times gearhead63. Flextone ii manual rev h electrophonic limited edition. The line 6 flextone iii plus 1x12 stereo combo amp is designed for guitarists seeking the warmth of tube tone coupled with modeling flexibility. Just go to to download the free flextone iii updater and get ready to experience even better tone from your flextone iii. Premium guitar tone plugin features vintage and modern amps, cabs, classic stompboxes, colorful preamps, and more. The emulation by the line 6 team is already close so the ir doesnt make much difference but adds on the extra oomph of a v30, the royer121 mic and the mark eq. Flextone ii faqs flextone i ii iii duoverb hd147 line 6. The line 6 flextone 3 is a solid state guitar combo modeling amp. The rugged steel stomp switches and pedal give you complete control of where youre going.

If you perform a software update, including but not limited to a firmware update, to a ygg affiliated product, then ygg will collect personal information. Authorize and manage your purchased line 6 licenses. The pcba date code i found is 3 51, and the pcb date code is 5003. The flextone ii amplifiers shipped with line 6 tubetone speakers, which were manufactured by celestion. That being said, i am a fan of line 6 stuff, and think it all has its place, especially some of there pedals. Youll need a mac or pc computer with a midi interface capable of handling large midi transfers. Flextone iii, hd147, and pocket pod always communicate on midi channel 1 as a fixed setting. View online or download line 6 flextone iii xl pilots handbook manual, hardware manual. Also, the flextone sounds warmer and smoother than the vetta i and ii. Download the edit application from line6s website and install on your computer.

Tremolo chorus ada flanger mxr phase 90 2x10 fender vibroverb univibe leslie 145. Then i added the flextone iii flash memory install which can be found on the line 6 monkey page you have to add that before it will work. Line 6 flextone iii editing software spider i ii iii line 6. Volume pedal reverb line 6 clean line 6 21st century clean pre room line 6 crunch line 6 thick grindage pre spring line 6 drive line 6 industrial strength od post room line 6 insane way too many hours of shredding post room jazz clean 87 roland jc120 pre spring small tweed 52 fender deluxe pre room tweed blues 59. Functionality, control, and connectivity with line 6 devices 1 run line 6 monkey and connect to your flextone iii using the information provided in the links above. Does this mean it was assembled the 51st week of 2003. The burly, fullsized volumewah pedal feels solid under your foot and features plenty of grip. Soft line 6 cover for the flextone iii amp, flextone iii plus amp, and flextone iii cabinetclick to read more about this product. Flextone user manual rev f electrophonic limited edition. The flextone iii needed more gain and volume to get the equivalent punch. Designed for guitarists seeking the warmth of tube tone coupled with modeling flexibility.

The line 6 flextone iii xl 2x12 stereo combo amp delivers 32 classic amps and power to spare. Using line6 edit with your flextone iii xl audiofanzine. Line 6 flextone iii xl hardware manual manual light and playful please include your postal address in your request. The 112 plus combo delivers 75w mono150w stereo with ext. The flextone ii are available from the manual download section. Flextone iii midi malfunctions with turtle beach usb midi interface by mhedblom on 20071008. Im more interested in tilting the amp back and dont necessarily need to raise the amp up. If your amp is an original flextone series, then line 6 edit software will not work, as there is no midi on these models. Then i went to java to download and update the right and correct runtime.

I have a left and a right out on the rear of the 1x12 flextone that i currently have. There are also pc usb audiomidi drivers for download which let you control the. The line 6 flextone iii plus guitar amp has a powerful 150watt stereo power amp 75watts w1x12 150watts when used with external cab, a 1x12 touring quality speaker cabinet, and features awardwinning pointtopoint modeling technology with 32 vettabased amp models, 16 mix n match speaker cab options, and 12 effects based on line 6s. Used line 6 flextone iii guitar combo amp guitar center. Flextone iii plus the flextone iii family of amps gives you an inspiring range of organic amp tones and effects from classic to modern all in one rugged, simple to use amp that fits in your trunk. The cornford has a fair amount of gain and breaks up like a marshall plexi, but retains a certain clarity that is more typical of vox amplifiers. The line 6 flextone iii xl is a combo guitar amp with two 12inch speakers, 150watt stereo power amp, 32 vettabased amp models, 12 effects, and 16 speaker cabinet simulation options. Get a whole lot more out of your vetta combo, vetta hd, duoverb, podxt, or flextone iii. Line 6 flextone iii xl 2x12 stereo combo amp musicians. Flextone iii always sends and receives on midi channel 1. Line 6 give their podxt the pro treatment, adding comprehensive io and. All levels were balanced using software meter levels. I use an ir with a 62 blues micd with a 57 in place of the stock cabs although they sound great as well. And, with new, lower prices on all flextone iii models, you.

The backlit display on the line 6 fbv shortboard footcontroller shows where you are. I guess you may have to sacrifice some tone for the flexibility. Keep your line 6 gear uptodate with the latest updates. The xl combo delivers 150w stereo to dual 12 custom celestion speakers and includes 12 premium effects models, 16 mix n match speaker cab options, stereo xlr out, and 4 userprogrammable channels 36 with the optional footcontroller see the accessory box on this page for instant storage of the tones you. The line 6 flextone iii xl 212 combo amp has a powerful 150watt stereo power amp, a 2x12 touring quality cabinet, and features awardwinning pointtopoint modeling technology with 32 vettabased amp models, 16 mix n match speaker cab options, and 12 effects. If your amp is an original flextone series, then line 6 edit software will not work, as there is no midi. I have tried numerous methods of getting what i consider good tones from my flextone iii from going back to basics and trying combination after combination of models with cabs and effect settings, printing out other peoples settings from the web and trying those, to physical support from the outlet i purchased the amp from.

See the following links before reflashing your flextone iii. On the downloads page, select pod farm 2 as the software, and then select your computers. Variax is the uniquely flexibile guitar from line 6. Replacement handle for spider valve, flextone iii, alchemist, and dt series amps licensed digital download end user license agreement digital downloads digital downloads made available through the line 6 web stores marketplace are licensed, not sold, to you. Then i went to java to download and update the right and. So, i occasionally had to tweak my models at the gig to get them sounding right.

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