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After that, go into the room underneath the dragon word and put nurelions mixture in the bowl and a door will open to a room containing the cracked white phial. Upon inspecting the phial, he is livid that the phial is cracked and vociferates at having sent. These are modifications of the included textures file to match some of the popular body textures. Meshes only, you will need one of the main files as well. Background at some point after completing the quests the white phial and the throat of the world, a courier will come up to you and give you a letter from quintus navale. Install manually by extracting the contents of the subfolder you want to your skyrim data. Launcher benablefileselection1 who can help me with this. No dlc required all mods in the improved artifacts collection can be found on the nexus. Cracked white phial is retrieved from a secret room in the forsaken cave as part of the quest the white phial given to the dragonborn by nurelion. Now i have a full phial in my potions list and 3 empty phials in my misc items. The map marker location data for cracked tusk keep was pointing to a random.

It replaces the white phial with a lorefriendly, highly detailed and ornate mesh that does better justice to an ancient. Quest items are objects needed to complete a specific quest. Im a wood elf thats strengths are sneak and archery, a bit of magic and a strong one handed attack and block. The alchemist of windhelm, nurelion, has asked me to find the legendary white phial for him.

The white phial will now start properly if player already has a briar heart in their inventory the patch fixed this issue in v2. On a side note, on my 2nd playthrough, every time i used the phial and it refilled it would leave a 0. Considering that the white phial is for an alchemist, im sure its not something to help with fingernails. Attempting to use the empty phial duplicates it, but only one phial will fill after the time has passed. I have a problem accessing the data files in the launcher where the mods can be activated. May 3, 20 here be horkers in this giant skyrim mod the elder. The white phial is an ancient relic in the elder scrolls v. Some old files from previous bug fixes somehow got missed and have now. The white phial quest the unofficial elder scrolls pages. The goal of the unofficial skyrim special edition patch aka ussep is to. This mod makes the white phial live up to its lore and allows it to refill any potion.

Talk to his assistant, quintus navale, for your final reward. Unused briar hearts can be dropped after finishing the white phial official patch v. I had done the red eagle quest, also, before undertaking the repairing the white phial quest. I have already added the following line in both i files but it is still greyed out. The white phial item the unofficial elder scrolls pages. The item can be found far out of town, inside a forsaken cave full of monsters. Use your favourite mod manager, or drop the p into your skyrim data folder.

Nurelion, a dying altmer alchemist, is the owner of the white phial, the windhelm apothecary shop that bears the name of a magical phial that he has spent much of his life in search of. This page was last edited on 14 january 2015, at 18. I have been getting a lot of people asking how to fix the data files option if it is unclickable. How to mod cracked skyrim how to make data files clickable. I guess its possible, but ive followed the step guide using mod organizer, loot including metadata tags, shows no errors or warnings, tes5edit cleaned master files and other itms when marked to do so, wrye bash, enboost. Nurelion has found the location of the white phail but he is no longer able to fetch it. Whenever the white phial is emptied, it will replenish the emptied contents after a certain period of time has passed. They are often identical in appearance to a generic version of the item, and are only distinguishable from generic items by their name, the fact that they will not stack in your inventory with generic items.

Browse other questions tagged theelderscrolls5 skyrim. A courier will approach you some time after you have returned the cracked white phial to nurelion. Drinking it moves it to the miscellaneous section of your items menu as the white phial empty. Unclean esms in moemulated data folder for wyre smash posted in general skyrim support. Ever feel like the white phial was a bit lackluster. Usually they have to be given up when the quest has been completed, although some may be kept as a reward or part of a reward.

Im lupus hegemonia, a textures designer that i did over 50 mods for skyrim and i published them. Obviously this would not affect the current file size, so i started the game. Any liquid dropped within the phial is instantly amplified and purified. When it is at mb, it crashes instantly, when i spawn in markath. Quest items the unofficial elder scrolls pages uesp. Repairing the phial ms12b could get stuck thinking the player has picked up a. Okay everyone, i am not sure if i should post this in the wyre or mo subforums, so thanks in advance for moving if necessary. For manual installation drop the archive contents into the skyrim data folder and overwrite if prompted. I had a briar heart in my inventory, so i dropped it on the ground and picked it back up, and the game said the objective was completed. Skyrim, said to contain the first snow to fall from the throat of the world.

Allows you to empty the contents of the white phial into a new container. Skyrim side missions repairing the phial repairing the phial. Make your way to the white phail in the marketpalce in windhelm and listen to the banter between the cranky shopkeeper, nurelion, and his assistant. White phial replacer at skyrim nexus mods and community. The white phial is a quest available in the elder scrolls v. Full enchanted dragonscale armor above the cap, free destruction and alteration spells, and lots of stamina. For example, the ingame reward for fetching the white phial is 500 gold, but that wont go far between three companions and its peanuts considering what this thing can do. White phial realignment at skyrim nexus mods and community. The white phial is a legendary bottle, forged in the days when skyrim was just starting its turn to ice. Theres the choices of healing, magic defense, magic offense, melee offense and sneak. The only alchemy shop in windhelm is called the white phial and is located in the market district, right next to aval atherons stall. Skyrim side missions the white phial the white phial. Skyrim we have prepared a detailed walkthrough of the white phial side quest.

While reading posts on the bethesda skyrim ps3 forum for probably an hour and a half continually waitednot sure how many days. Im deviating quite bit from skyrim canon and game mechanics. Unclean esms in moemulated data folder for wyre smash. But persistance paid off, got through the entire main quest and the civil war, in fact i have completed the game except for a few random bountybandit missions and repairing the white phial, so compared to most users on this forum, i have been very, very lucky. The white phial is no longer consumed if given to a follower. After recovering the item, they discover that it is cracked, but return it to. Enter the private quarters upstairs and show nurelion the cracked phial. The white phial skyrim wiki skyrim wiki skyrim wiki.

Quintus navale wants you to return the the shop in windhelm. Some improvements for the file lists in the data tab as well as. Dishonored, skyrim and more for cheap in gamersgates bethesda sale bonanza. To align the phial, click on the empty phial in your inventory and after you have confirmed the realignment just drink the potion you want the phial to replenish. Sheet1 go to file download to save your own copy main quest,side quests duplicated in left column act one,ancestral worship unbound,a return to your roots before the storm,a scroll for anska bleak falls barrow,blood on the ice dragon rising,evil in waiting the way of the voice,forbidden lege. The white phial quest is activated by talking to nurelion in his store the white phial located in windhelm. Thanks bethesda for skyrim zaz and xaz for the zaz animation pack ashal for loverslab szok47 for the request that sparked me into action to make the mod. Skyrim data files unclickable posted in skyrim technical support. I am having a glitch where the data files menu in the launcher is unclickable can anybody help. White phial is an an ancient relic in skyrim a small container, made of the magically infused snow that first fell on the throat of the world. Unused briar hearts can be dropped after finishing the white phial. Nurelion, proprietor of the white phial sends the dragonborn to seek the item and. Update how to mod skyrim from file share sites copypaste i v benablefileselection1.

Game content and materials are trademarks and s of their respective publisher and its licensors. Ctd after bethesda logo posted in general skyrim support. Hey guys im back with a tutorial showing you how to enable your data files option in your skyrim launcher. You will be given the white phial, which functions as a potion of the nature you chose.

True, the phial was cracked, but hes spent his whole life looking for that artifact, and. Walkthrough when you read the letter, youll learn that quintus thinks he has a way to repair the cracked white phial that you found during the quest the white phial. The white phial generic spoiler i am a breton mage with insane magic resistance, like 80% absorbtion and 50% resistance at all times, 100% absorptionimmunity when i use dragonskin. Please dont say add launcher benablefileselection1 because it is already there. Rumarin is from interesting npcs, one of my favorite mods for skyrim. That will have to be cross checked against what we have in the uskp. Which potion should i choose to fill my white phial in skyrim. The white phial is no longer consumed if given to a follower if player marries aela, the totem of hircine quest will be available unused briar hearts can be dropped after finishing the white phial. Ctd after bethesda logo general skyrim support step.

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