My candy love episode 9 lysander walkthrough

Your curiosity gets the best of you when you are with lysander. I heard that if he really likes you he gets really passiveaggressive with the other guys though your candy doesnt realize it but if he doesnt like you a lot hes like a fanboy planning to get you and the other guy together. My candy looks like shes ready to lick that lollipop yell. My candy love university life episode 1 walkthrough updating this is all i have so far when it comes to this game. Hey, you never told me if you found my enrollment form or not. Miss the date at the end of the episode and receive a slap mark from amber. From this point, your candys story will branch off with either nathaniel, castiel, or lysander. Which is the correct answer for the dialogue when he says yeah, its gotten a bit cloudy a. A long time ago, some anon asked me to do a summaryof mcls 15th episode. A magical dinner lysander spinoff the super twins armin spinoff a badly kept secret kentin spinoff university life. You especially have a hard time understanding the boy in front of you.

You will get whichever features your highest love interest. Depending on how you do on the test there are three different gifts from the fairy in episode 10, if you fail a book that goes on your head, if you pass a graduation hat and if you get a prefect score a golden graduation hat. My candy love episode 9 lysander i dont claim any ownership over the images or the game my candy love. I am an avid my candy love player and fanatic, and because i get along with the guys and am always helping people with what to say in the forumspms, i decided to open a blog for everyone instead of just my friends and people. This is probably like, the fifth time in a row this happened. So far nat is 1st and castiel is 2nd, leaving kentin in 3rd honestly, i think hes sweet and the outfit my candy uses for the afterschool date with him is pretty cute. I need help with lysander in episode 8 but i dont know how to study with him and the guide says im supposed to the guy i have the highest affinity with. I would really like to have something to put around my shoulders. He is first introduced in the ending scene of episode 4 as a band member with castiel, whom he is best friends with. Candylysander my candy love original female characters original male characters castiel my candy love lysander my candy love.

Kim, violet, or lysanderi love you violet, but i have to go with lysander. Hey this is azura, i wanted to say i dont do this normally, but since a friend who goes by akazukinn was having trouble with episode 4 with castiel, i decided id go and make a guide for her. What guy do you like depending on the answer you chose in episode 7 will effect what happens in episode 8. My candy love blog dedicated to all of the sweet, hilarious, and disturbing things that these boys say on an episodic basis. I had the best of intentions, but that silly little thing called life tends to sneak up on you. Sharing some similarities with games like episode and choices, my candy love is perfect for female teens and tweens alike who are curious about my candy love episode 26 walkthrough. To say he was cute would be an understatement, but you swear he would have lost his head if it wasnt attached to his body. Looking for a facking dog that runs around school and whatnot. Cookie shop 1, crafting mama 1, mega man star force 1, e3 16, ea 9. I am so very sorry that it has taken me so long to write this episode. Then once you pick castiels outfit, he pushes you away and tells you to mind your own business. My candy love university life episode 1 walkthrough.

My candy love episode castiel walkthrough hey guys, i wont be able to edit this until next week if tomorrow pans out to be as busy as it seems i dont have time to colorexplainupload screen shots until next week, but heeeeeeeere since you guys get so whiny. If the episode is in red, that means i have met the fairy at least once while playing it. And, there is a way to get the purty ring, just buy it from the jewelry store when rosa asks you to look for it, then go give it to her and you can get it back in episode 7. This is where i list the amount of times i have played an episode. My candy love episode 8 notes before going on to the walkthrough. I have my candy love episode guides on my tumblr blog. Can anyone let me know on the ask me page if theyve been able to play through the episode yet without having the end being you tried to steal leigh, even when you didnt. Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist. I have been playing for a long time but i just started the second season.

Here is episode 7, in which again there is no furging datewith boys i mean, yay. Episode 1 nathaniel a new high school my candy love. The episode with lysander buy sunscreen from the street vendor rosalya wants to put on sunscreen, and you too, you need to you need to find the vendor going to the dollar shop doesnt do anything, you need to find the character in the game and buy. Episode 9 by the seashore my candy love wiki fandom. Mcl negativity will always be tagged under mcl negativity with eldarya under eldarya negativity. Episode 2 castiel walkthrough my candy love walkthroughs. My candy love castiel episode 4 guide april 10, 2014 by a note. Episode 3 castiel walkthrough my candy love walkthroughs. You wouldnt happen to have any money for my enrollment fee, would you. Oh yes, im sorry, it really was mixed in with other papers, i put it aside for you. D took me a while to find out howbut, now here is episode 3 castiel walkthrough.

The player meets a growing cast of characters, and can befriend and flirt with the boys at sweet amoris high. Once again, the new episode came out on a very busy day for me. So if evan is around ten years older than us, that would make him around 27, which would mean that kentin, whos at most 17, is hanging out with somebody who. My candy love mcl spoilers eldarya eldarya spoilers henris secret hs spoilers moonlight lovers ml spoilers i will use a spoiler tag for the first week a new episodechapter releases in english. By the seashore is the ninth episode of my candy love. If you love lysander then do not be a bitch and diss rosa, let her get back with leigh and if you really like the cute salesguy then go for him in the episode replay. I shivered and clacked my teeth so he could see that i was cold. Other sites of usefulness oracle translator episode guides.

Im debating whether i should start the episode 6 castiel walkthrough now or wait until the bug with getting leigh and rosa back together is fixed. My candy love episode 6 walkthrough lysander, castiel. And if you find this useful, please consider tipping through kofi or the donate button on my website. My candy love walkthrough how to make any twit fall in. One with nathaniel, one with castiel, one with lysander, one with armin, one with kentin. My candy love episode 8 nathaniel walkthrough i am. See more ideas about love, candy and online flirting. The game revolves around a high school girl, whose looks and name are completely up to a registered user, who has just moved to a new town. So far im in episode 2 and all my affinitys with kentin, nathaniel, and castiel are around 60 because im just being my kind old self. My candy love episode 9 nathaniel walkthrough i am. Only if you chose a boy you say you liked in episode 7.

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